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Monday, June 4
Why? WHY?!?!

Why is it that my favourite soft drink (a nice cup of tea) makes you sweat so much in the hot weather? The delicious irony of it all..

(Well, I do know why it happens; as you drink the hot liquid your body releases some of its internally-stored heat via the mechanism of perspiration to reduce the overall body temperature back to its normal level of 37įC... But itís still a right pain!)

Never mind... Iíll always have time for a nice cup of tea and a sit down, even when the time comes of sub-Saharan summer temperatures (possibly thanks to all the people who boil their kettle all summer to make cups of tea!) And, tea is full of theanine and riboflavonoids, which are both good for you and keep your brain snappy, so (even if milk does negate their effects somewhat) tea drinking is still good for you. Won't catch me stopping the habit of a lifetime any time soon!

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