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Wednesday, September 19
Arrrrr, I be makin' my first digital music purchase!

And it be a grand one at that - the Official 2007 Talk Like A Pirate Day British Single, from Indiestore. I bought the original and the Edwin Van Cleef House Mix too, because it's downright funky. 79p each, all proceeds going to Marie Curie Cancer Care, so how can you argue with that?

You can download the track up to three times in your choice of formats (MP3, iPod-native MP4 or WMA), and you can download each track up to three times.

ALL PROCEEDS BE GOING TO CHARITY, YE SCURVY SINGLE-BUYERS! Just go do it, it's worth it. This is my first EVER digital music purchase (and it's likely to be my last too, the physical medium is great - vinyl and CDs for the win!) so if I think it's a worthwhile cause, you should too. There's also links to buy from iTunes or Virgin's site, but they'll both have DRM slapped onto their copies (fucking DRM, grr) so both they - and I - recommend the Indiestore route for your purchasing.

Oh, and it be International Talk Like A Pirate Day 2007 today, so ye best be speakin' like seafarin' folk or ye be walkin' the plank later! Eyepatches at the ready mateys...

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