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Wednesday, October 24
Ever wonder what happened to Britain's vast rail network?

I often do. I do know that it was drastically scaled back in the last century, largely due to the emergence of the motorways and the Government's insistence on the Motorway being the best form of transport (showing great foresight, as usual) but some of it just deteriorated or got forgotten about.

The Last Main Line helps chart part of our country's great rail network history, examining "the history and continuing social, environmental and economic impact of the Great Central Railway's 'London Extension', which ran between London and North Nottinghamshire between the 1890s and 1960s." ...Smashing. With a cornucopia of text, images and a smattering of multimedia to go with, there's definitely something for everybody here. Any train buffs who've not checked this site out (and bookmarked it) should do so poste-haste.

Right, back to work!

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