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Tuesday, June 29
Well, back from Glastonbury.

And so much has happened in the five days I was ex communicado with the world! I especially like to hear about a graffiti artist who's being told off for actually CLEANING dirty walls with a graf template, that's some inspired work.

And, a little sooner than I expected, but it's happened - the first Bluetooth-enabled worm for Symbian smartphones. It's called Caribe, and it's only a proof-of-concept (it does nothing malicious other than try to spread to any Bluetooth-enabled device that the infected phone can detect during a scan), and even then it requires several stages of user approval to install on the handset. But nonetheless, the peaceful group that published the code on the web have no doubt contributed to a future spate of MUCH more malicious worms. And I thought that these flocks of nonplussed broadband Internet noviced needed to be schooled on personal security...

Symantec has a writeup (along with some totally out-of-context Security Recommendations, which I had to chuckle at): http://securityresponse.symantec.com/avcenter/venc/data/epoc.cabir.html

Glastonbury 2004 was overall a great weekend, apart from the rain - but it added something (aside from the cubic tonnes of mud). I took many cubic tonnes of pictures too on the digital camera, expect to see those online imminently. :)

Sadly though, Muse, who finished up the festival with their Sunday night performance, have cancelled their next gig due to a rather unfortunate event. The drummer's Dad died of a heart attack in the early hours (1:15am) of the Monday morning after their performance on the Pyramid Stage. He was taken to hospital, but was pronounced dead by around 4am. A great shame - all I can say by way of condolence is that he most likely went out on one of the greatest highs of his life, seeing his son headline the largest music festival in Europe.

So, as you can see, the weekend was full of ups and downs.

Oh, and we got knocked out of Euro 2004. Big deal. Now all the Mirror and Sun readers will be forced to remove those bastard miniature England flags off of their cars / house windows / bikes / garden walls, something which cannot come soon enough.

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Thursday, June 24
Well, what can I say...

... Suppose I could start with hello, I've not blogged for a looooooong time.

Glastonbury Festival is about to get into full swing, and we won't let a bit (or a LOT) or rain stand in the way of having a good time! I'll be heading down to the Vale of Avalon on Thursday evening, and will therefore be incommunicado until Monday - but I'll be rockin me socks off in the mud, so don't you worry.

GODDAYUMMNNNN it's gonna be good! :D

Check out the official Glastonbury Festivals site for more info... Or if you're jealous. ;)

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Tuesday, June 15
RIAA's new target: digital radio

GAH! When will the RIAA just realise that all this crap is POINTLESS AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH I wish somebody'd kick them up the arse.

Read more: RIAA's new target: digital radio (cd-rw.org).

In other EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT news, Google have rewarded me for being an active (haha!) Blogger user... By giving me a free GMail account. Suck THAT everybody. =D

If people beg enough, when I get some GMail invitations to hand out to other people, I might just pass one to you. Feel free to email me at christopherwoods@gmail.com with your pleas/requests/begs/offers of free goods/sex/incentives/webcam links... etc.


Or I can just post up some screenshots if you like. :)

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Thursday, June 10
CBC News: Music legend Ray Charles dead at 73

RIP one of music's great legends of the past century. CBC News: Music legend Ray Charles dead at 73

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Wednesday, June 9

Or Mu, as the Zen Master would have you say.

Moo indeed. =D

Oh, and did I mention GOATSE IS BACK UP!!!111111!11111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111??!!!!!!!1111

goatse lives! again!

And if you don't appreciate my frankly warped sense of humour, póg mo thóin.

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Tuesday, June 8
BBC NEWS | UK | Injury warning for armchair fans

Be careful now, wouldn't want to strain the old legs while getting up to get a beer. :D

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Sunday, June 6
Ooooh.... aaaaah...... prodigy

All raise your glasses as Liam Howlett proclaims that the new Prodigy album releasedate is in 2 months from now!

And I want one of those Prodigy beer bottles, oh yes I do _

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Thursday, June 3
How low can Microsoft stoop?

This is on a par in terms of stupidity with British Telecom trying to patent the hyperlink - absolute cock 'n bull. But check it out anyway: Microsoft granted patent for double-click - Breaking - smh.com.au

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Wednesday, June 2
The Mini Robot...

... One of the best practical jokes I've seen on the Internet for a while. Check it out: The Mini Robot

Only on the Internet. :D

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