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Tuesday, August 30
United States Patent: 6,935,954 - Sanity system for video game

I've just found this document, which shows that Nintendo patented a Sanity system for video games...

A video game and game system incorporating a game character's sanity level that is affected by occurrences in the game such as encountering a game creature or gruesome situation. A character's sanity level is modified by an amount determined based on a character reaction to the occurrence such as taking a rest or slowing game progress and/or an amount of character preparation. That is, if a character is prepared for the particular occurrence, the occurrence may have little or no affect on the character's sanity level. As the character's sanity level decreases, game play is effected such as by controlling game effects, audio effects, creating hallucinations and the like. In this context. the same game can be played differently each time it is played.

That's madness! :D

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Man, gimme one of these!

I SO know what I'm buying as soon as I get paid next month... Internet Posters - Super Value Pak - this has all four posters of the mapped out Internet World, and you just KNOW they're gonna look supercool on my wall in student accommodation.

Nerd! :D

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Monday, August 29
What a weird day...

Ok, let me elucidate.

Wake up, go back to bed from boredom. Time: 10am.
Wake up again, again, go back to sleep because I have nothing to do. Time: 2pm.
Wake up AGAIN, get out of bed because frankly I can't be arsed to stay in bed. Time: 5pm.

Randomly bodge about for a few hours, time now: 9pm.

Mate rings me up, says "hey, you want to come round mine and we can get drunk and watch movies". Time: 9:30pm.

I set off, and reach his house, only to be told that his brother's having his girlfriend round, so we can't get ludicrously drunk and pass out watching bad kung fu movies. Time now: 10:30pm.

I set off with my mate and my other mate (excluding the guy whose house we were round at), we go into central Milton Keynes (argh I hate that place) and get some burgers and chips from a burger van. Time now: just after midnight.

Having eaten our tasty, nutritious burgers, we set off home in a mini-convoy, looking for a petrol station on the way because my friend's' car is almost out of petrol. Time: about 1:30am.

Then... We're driving down the bypass, and suddenly my mate in front of me swerves maniacally, so out of instinct I do the same - THERE'S A BLOODY WOMAN WALKING DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE BYPASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus, I almost hit her. How sketched out was I... Needless to say, I almost immediately pulled over and rang 999, and told them about it. But for fucks' sake, bloody hell! Way to end the evening on a memorable note!

I'm now sitting at home, typing this, the time's 3:40am, and I've just drunk a bottle of wine, several cans of Castlemaine 4X, and a bit of a bottle of Smirnoff, all of which I'd purchased for the customary getting-drunk session round my mate's house (which never happened). Anti-shock relief, you see. Anyway, I had to make a note of this just to get it out of my mind.

Even if I was drunk though, crikey, I wouldn't walk down the middle of a fairly busy bypass for no reason - I just hope the woman was ok and my call did some good into getting her off the road and into a hospital or cell for the night, enough for her to sober up at least (at least I hope she was drunk, as opposed to suicidal, that would've taken the piss if I'd knocked into her by mistake). :S


       (well, it was!)

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Thursday, August 25
On Windows Vista, DRM and new monitors (aka, how ineffectual next-gen DRM will be)

This forum article raises an interesting debate; just how safe will the next generations of DRM be on the upcoming HD formats, Blue Ray and HD-DVD? And how long will it take people to crack them wide open? (I'm guessing not long)... Some very informed and involved debate, and a very worthwhile read if you're the least bit interested in new tech. Check out ArsTechnica:

ArsTechnica thread on Windows Vista and DRM


Fact Of The Day

The name "Skype" actually means 'The whole world can talk for free', and for all who never knew about Chuvash (myself included), here's some information on .the Republic of Chuvash

Bloody marvellous.

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Monday, August 22
The Dog's a killer

I just watched the film "Danny The Dog" (also known as "Unleashed"). On a legal DVD (for once, heh) - if you're into stylish Kung Fu book-ending some great acting (Morgan Freeman and Bob Hoskins do it for you? and even Li is good) then I highly recommend this film. The trailer was released in 2004, and the film was fully released as "Unleashed" in the UK and (probably) the US / Europe on the 19th of August this year; but as I hadn't seen it yet, and my neighbour already had the Chinese/Cantonese version (which is the English version, just with its work-in-progress title for the Chinese market, and the subs that you can turn off in half a second)... Well, the logical thing to do (no, really?) was to watch it. And I wasn't disappointed, see this Danny The Dog / Unleashed review from The Movie Blog, as it sums up the film much more succintly than I could:

Jet Li (star of the film Unleashed)

Jet stars as the titular Danny - a man raised in captivity and trained as an illegal pit fighter by Bob Hoskins. Hoskins is an absolutely powerhouse actor who we don't see nearly enough on this side of the ocean - the last time I remember him was the stellar Felicia's Journey, actually - and he looks to be both incredible and incredibly vicious in this. How a tubby little aging Englishman can exude so much menace I don't know, but Hoskins does. Danny somehow escapes from his captors and is discovered by a blind man, played by Morgan Freeman, who takes him in and slowly wins his trust. The performances look to be quite strong from all the principal characters with Jet finally taking on a role that demands a little bit of range, the cinematography is striking and the fight choreography is from Yuen Woo Ping so you know it's going to be good. No word on release dates yet. Thanks to KFC for the link.

Nothing more to say really - other than go watch it soon as it comes out! You can find a larger review, plus clips, trailers and interviews on the CineWorld Unleashed page.

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Thursday, August 18
After years and years of getting to this point...

... Today I discovered that my application has been accepted to go to University to study Music Technology (studying at the University of Central England in Birmingham).

GET IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time to get lashed. :D

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