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Saturday, September 10
Five Days With Katrina

I've been keenly following the disaster which Katrina inflicted upon the Gulf Coast States, but you always feel a little isolated when you watch news reports... The message is always a whole lot more powerful and remarkable when it's reported by someone who's actually there, who doesn't hype it up or spin it this way or that - which is why I found the photo gallery "Five Days with Katrina", all uploaded by somebody called Alvaro, which documents the week before, during and after Katrina hit New Orleans. Each slide (photo) is accompanied with a comment, and if you follow them through chronologically, they tell a very powerful story seen from the eyes of an individual who once lived in what could now be considered the world's largest submerged city.

Check the gallery out: Five Days With Katrina - it's on KodakGallery.com, it requires a login to view, but it only takes about 20 seconds to make a new username, and it's well, WELL worth it. When I signed up, I got ten free prints, and I'm thinking of ordering some of the photos from the aforementioned photo gallery.

Powerful stuff. Also, DirectNIC.com is a webhosting company situated in New Orleans, and they've been struggling - but just about managing so far - to keep their business (and power and internet connection, to boot!) up and running through this disaster... See their photos and recountings of events on the DirectNIC.com web site (and the web site of the company's owner, sigmund.biz).

Oh, and in case you missed out on this last item of business too, Google Maps has added updated New Orleans aerial photos, and you can flick back and forth between the older ones and the most recent ones, showing the full extent of the devastation. Compelling stuff.

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Thursday, September 8
PC's working again!

Yay. ^^ This time, with a brand spanking new motherboard. Woop.

In other news - to coincide with my going to University this year, I'm starting up a blog to become a living diary of my times there. The name? The UniBlog. I'm just getting the DNS sorted out as we speak, that URL should be live to the world in about 48 hours (at the moment it's just a 123-reg holding page, but the actual content is live on my site, it's just at an ugly URL. Once the .co.uk is working, I'll make it all transparently redirect to that (thus removing the subdomain from your sights. Handy).

Ciao for now...

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Friday, September 2
Creative ships MP3 players containing Windows worms, and the (yawn) PSP ships


Good news first: Creative somehow (hah) managed to ship thousands of MP3 players containing a two-year old Windows worm. Excellent work! :D There's more on this curiously entertaining bit of news: MacWorld - Creative ships virus-ridden MP3 players (snicker).

On the other hand (yawn, zzz) the PSP finally debuted in the UK at midnight today. Considering I had the chance to try one out about, hmm let's think... I tried one out about 5 months ago, I played on Ridge Racer for about 15 minutes and watched a bit of a movie that the owner had encoded and stuck onto a (proprietary, and expensive) Sony Memory Stick Duo... So yeah. It's effectively a PS1 on steroids, sandwiched into a handheld. The screen's ok, but pfft... Worth paying 180 for?

Hardly. Double that and you have an alright gaming PC, or an XBox/PS3 for crying out loud. The batteries run out quickly, the games are expensive, Sony's (again, proprietary) UMD format for movies is eeeeeeeeeeexpensive (even in the US, the Sin City UMD was the same price as the DVD! AND that was in a pretty cheap supermarket chain called Target... go figure)... Why waste your dosh? Go buy a really nice LCD screen for your PC, and have an all-night fragging session. I promise you won't be squinting from staring at a small 6" screen, and you won't have sore fingers from all the button-bashing, either.

And finally, in news closer to home... In what might be considered bad karma to some, but just the inevitable to me, my PC has (don't laugh) spectacularly failed on me. Motherboard this time, and although I hope not, possibly ALL of the RAM too. One and a half gig's worth. Joy. Oh well... I'm still happy, still happy, all of my MP3s are on my portable audio player - all I have to do now is stop my mum from kneejerk-calling it an iPod (it's an iRiver, but we owners of these vastly superior machines ;) just call them H140s (if it's the H140 model of course, if it's not then it's called something else, as the iriver.com site explains). Oh, and for the record, iRivers have been around longer than iPods, so technically APPLE jumped on the "i"-prefixing bandwagon. So nur.

Minirant over, yay. Oh, UNIVERSITY BEGINS ON SEPTEMBER THE 19TH! Woo get in my son :D Bring onnnn the poverty.

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