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Saturday, December 31
... Hello 2006.

Hi 2006, welcome to the neighbourhood, pleased to meet you - we're the World and we're your new neighbours for the next year or so. Don't mind the American family across the road from us, they tend to get angry over something stupid once in a while and blow shit up for no reason, but they're actually really nice people if you get to talk to them individually away from the head of the house (he's a bit of a strange one, and as it seems, a little bit slow most of the time).

Don't forget people, 2005 had a leap second added, so all the clocks are delayed by one second to compensate for the 365.25 day revolution of the earth as its rate of spin slows ever so slightly. This means that, following the UTC convention, the time actually goes from 23:59.59 -> 23:59.60 -> 00:00:00. Very odd, for that one second, you're neither in 2005 nor 2006 as I figure it... A second existing in no time at all. Funky.

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Toodleoo 2005...


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Sunday, December 25
My alternative Xmas Message: Sod Off

Another year almost gone, another year to go. I'll be 21 next year... Am I the only person who feels that their life is still somewhat devois of purpose?

Sorry for that abysmally-depressed Christmas message, I always get low at this time of year... Rock on medication and booze!

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Thursday, December 8
World remembers John Lennon, 25 years on

It was on this day 25 years ago that John Winston Ono Lennon was shot four times by a deranged Mark David Chapman.

From Wikipedia:

As Lennon walked past him, Chapman called out "Mr. Lennon." As Lennon turned, Chapman crouched into what witnesses called a "combat" stance and fired five hollowpoint bullets. One bullet missed, but four bullets entered John's back and shoulder. One of the four bullets fatally pierced his aorta. Still, Lennon managed to stagger up six steps into the concierge booth where he collapsed, gasping "I'm shot, I'm shot."

Chapman stood there, holding his .38 Charter Arms revolver, which was pulled out of his hands and kicked away by Jose Perdomo who then asked "What have you done, what have you done?", to which Chapman replied "I just shot John Lennon." Chapman then calmly took his coat off, placed it at his feet, took out a a copy of J.D. Salinger's novel, The Catcher in the Rye, and started reading.

Police arrived within minutes, to find Chapman still waiting quietly outside, still reading the book.

Fans have been gathering at the Strawberry Fields Memorial in New York's Central Park, and the BBC is marking the anniversary with a huge, cross-station event, with archive audio of Lennon from interviews, including an interview with the late John Peel. If you delve into the BBC site, it has a huge wealth of Lennon material, including the news report (text and video) from the day Lennon was shot from the On This Day subsite. Not forgetting the radio stations, BBC 6 Music is marking the day with an entire minisite, Lennon Remembered, Radio 1 has the archived audio from their Lennon Special One World show (a special show, featuring bands from all over the world covering songs from The White Album), and Radio 2 has its own Lennon Remembered minisite as well. All the links are strongly recommended, and check out the audio from the radio shows as some of them (especially the One World show, for example) won't be available on the web past this week, unless they specifically archive it... Which I hope they will.

Of course, I've not even begun to mention all the relevant Google results for John Lennon, including the official John Lennon site, Lennon.net.

Have a safe day.

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Thursday, December 1
Don't forget...

It's World Aids Day today.

Support World AIDS Day

The World Aids Day web site will help you locate the nearest place to buy a red ribbon, if you don't already know where to get one. I'll be buying mine in a little while.

And, on a side note, Blogger looks a little messed up this morning:

... Someone should tell them. (I can't be bothered. Hehe.)

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