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Tuesday, March 21
Where have all the flowers gone?

The Vernal Equinox (aka the Spring Solstice) was yesterday (at 18:26 UTC), so it's now officially the first day of Spring. However, with temperatures four degrees colder than the same time last year, flowers aren't due to come out for at least another 4 weeks now. The problem is that the last ten or so summers and winters have been so mild that we've gotten used to it being as warm as it was.

It's still way too cold here though in Birmingham, first day of Spring or not!

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Sunday, March 19
Hail Xenu!!! (Or, how to look stupid to the world)

"Curses and drat! You have obstructed us for now, but your feeble bid to save humanity will fail! Hail Xenu!!!"

Trey Parker and Matt Stone

Ah, I love Trey Parker & Matt Stone. You have to admit, you're on their side when it comes to this - Scientology is such a totally stupid waste of a practical joke of a 'religion'... I have such a hard time not just stopping and laughing at the Scientologists when they come up to me in Birmingham town centre, asking me to join them.

I'm more vaguely surprised that BBC News thinks there's still life in the 'Isaac Hayes quitting South Park due to 'their bigoted views' on religion' story, but hey, good on them (at least they can tell when something like Scientology is so totally utterly stupid that it deserves public mockery). If anybody's not seen the episode of South Park where they comprehensively rip the piss out of Scientology, I highly recommend it. It's absolutely hilarious.

Read more: South Park 'battling' Scientology

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Wednesday, March 15
NCIS: such an awesome show!

The past few days, I've been catching up on my watching of NCIS (click the link for a very comprehensive rundown of the show, courtesy of Wikipedia). The series was originally named Navy NCIS - but that's tautology and was changed for the second series. I've been watching since the first episode of the first series, and the entire show has only improved since then - a rare finding these days, when a good show is either invariably swamped by the raft of poor-quality shows churned out for the sole target of higher ratings, or the TV network just can't figure out how to successfully market it (one word: Firefly). I absolutely love NCIS.

A spinoff of the show JAG, NCIS originally aired as a two-part pilot in JAG's eight series (episodes 8x20 and 8x21). From Wikipedia,

"In 2003, the series spawned the spin-off NCIS. Where as the JAG episodes were primarily oriented on courtroom drama, NCIS is more focused on criminal investigations."

Whilst I found JAG a little zzz-inducing, I can't get enough of NCIS.

The show's currently in its third series, and if you like a good bit of crime fighting mixed with technology mixed with action mixed with suspense mixed with comedy, based upon an almost continual stream of cleverly-written, addictive stories... Oh, and not forgetting the hugely-endearing characters, played by Mark Harmond, Sasha Alexander, Michael Weatherly (the bloke from Dark Angel), David McCallum (he used to play Ilya Kuryakin in The Man From U.N.C.L.E.!), Sean Murray and Cote de Pablo. Go read more about them on the NCIS' IMDB page...

... Well, if anything in that list appeals, this is definitely a series for you. It airs on CBS in the US, and it's shown on FX here in the UK. I strongly suggest you go check this series out, as soon as possible (if you can get hold of the DVD boxsets first, watch those ASAP, too!)

The series was devised by Donald P. Bellisario... Recognise that name? (I'll give you a hint: Airwolf... Quantum Leap... JAG... Magnum PI... Battlestar Galactica... Kojak... He's written, directed, produced or starred in all of those series.)

Go check out CBS' NCIS web site. NOW! Or else :P

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Tuesday, March 7
Christopher Reeve's widow, Dana, dies at 44

Aww, that's a shame. Dana Reeves, widow of the late Christopher Reeves, has died from lung cancer at the age of 44, less than a year after her husband. Even though she didn't smoke.

How sad is that. :( I'm supposing that it could well be that as a singer-actress until recently before her husband's death, she spent a lot more time in smoky bars and clubs than she wished she did... I hate smoking, it's horrible. (And you'll know this if you read my blog on the ban on smoking which will be coming into force in the near future in this country). More on this story can be found on the SF Mercury News Dana Reeves article.

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Sunday, March 5
Tesco Value Me

Wow, check this - this guy is hardcore! He survived off nothing but Tesco Value food for entire week - something which I don't think I could do (and I'm a student), and having read his blog, something I don't think i ever want to do. :D

Check it: the Tesco Value Me blog!

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