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Sunday, April 16
Sponsored by God?

... What if corporations could sponsor parts of the Bible? Like, for example, The Gospel of Luke, Chapter 1?

Oh but don't worry, this site covers the entire thing, not just the one chapter. :D One of the better web finds of the month I think... Tell your friends. ;)

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Saturday, April 15
Doctor Who Series 2 Episode 1... Wow!

So, tonight Doctor Who S02E01 - "New, New Doctor" premiered on BBC One (warning, link contains spoilers, but still worth a look). David Tennant is the new Doctor, and as I previously blogged, this series is going to feature the Cyberman (WOO!), some more old favourites, some old nemeses (plural of nemesis? Never mind, I'm making words up tonight)... For those who haven't seen it, or for those who are in the US, I won't spoil you with plotlines or trailers.

Let's just say, the new combination of Billie Piper and David Tennant works just as well as when Christopher Ecclestone was doing the Doctor, as someone in tonight's episode of Doctor Who Confidential said, "nobody likes the regeneration and having a new Doctor, we instinctively don't like it," but I think I will very quickly warm to the new Doctor. I really dig his dress sense too, pinstripe suit with old skool white tennis shoes? Yeah! I wish I looked that good in a suit.

While we're on the subject, I don't know how much longer this will go for, because it should've ended at the end of March, but if you live in the UK, and you send a text message to a BT landline, if you prefix the message with *tts#, Tom Baker will read it out. HOW COOL IS THAT! Go check it out for youself, I'm not lying: BTCelebrityVoice.com.

If you want to get any messages recorded for your answermachine or to prank friends, go do it as soon as possible, because Tom Baker may stop reading your VoiceTexts any day now. :)

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Christopher shows his geekier side

Now we're talking old skool. Ok, so I know that I'm late on this one, and I know it's already been Dugg, /.ted, and put on Waxy and various blogs, but I feel this deserves a bit of credit where credit's due.

I mean come on, could you make an IBM 8088 display full-motion video, with sound, and actually have it work pretty much flawlessly?

On a machine with a 4.77MHz processor, an original Sound Blaster sound card, and a monitor which would only work in CGA? (that's a generous maximum of 640x200 pixels in up to 4-bit (16!) colours for, those who aren't au fait with pre-Windows-XP parlance).

No, I couldn't do it, either. However, an old scener hand who goes by the handle Trixster, well, he did it. And made the results available on his site, source code and all, and a Google Video showing his demo in action.

I was impressed.

Go take a look, and take a moment to marvel at how you sometimes CAN teach an old dog some new tricks. ;) 8088 Corruption - something amazing by Trixster.

I'm off to bed. nn :)

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Sunday, April 2
Happy April the second...

Just remember, "The weak and nerdy are admired for their computer-programming abilities." (Homer Simpson).

See the Google April Fool's for this year? If not, you can go check it out here. In other news, the rumours that MySpace was shutting down / starting to charge for use are indeed April Fool's jokes. What a shame.

Going home in a bit for the three weeks' holiday over the Easter period, just packing up my stuff at the moment (gathering up odd socks, packing away cables and stuff like that). Speak to you all again soon.

This post has also been crossposted to my University blog.

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