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Saturday, August 26
Tim Berners-Lee on Web 2.0

From a recent interview with Tim BL,

"Web 1.0 was all about connecting people. It was an interactive space, and I think Web 2.0 is of course a piece of jargon, nobody even knows what it means. If Web 2.0 for you is blogs and wikis, then that is people to people. But that was what the Web was supposed to be all along."

-- Tim Berners-Lee says there's no need to rename something once you start to understand it

Sage words as always from the inventor of the WWW!

Ok, so what've I been up to recently? Well, lots of VERY early starts (work beginning at 6am daily nearly all days of the week for the past couple of months, yay for Tesco) - doing the online shopping picking, where we basically chug round the store all day (from 6am-2pm) picking items from the shelves that people have ordered. I walk about four miles a day (I wore one of those step counters a few days running to get a good average). It's money at the end of the day, and I need it baaaaaaad. :D

21st birthday coming up soon (October the 13th)... Looking forward to that, mainly because I may well get some lovely goodies in the form of bits and bobs of audio kit which will certainly help me along on my Uni course.

Have a resit on the 1st of September, and I'll be back at Uni full time from the 17th/18th of September... Ho hum, year two begins.

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Friday, August 11
Want to speak to me?

Now you can... I've just discovered two ways of allowing people - for free - to leave me voice messages, using nothing more than their microphone hooked up to their computer. Kinda nifty, and two classic examples of Web 2.0 companies attempting to do something a little more interactive with the web, but that's what Web 2.0 is all about - a paradigm shift into a more participatory, user-generated-content experience. Not sure which of the two I prefer from playing about with them initially, but for free, hey, you can't really complain.

Check it out: you can use Odeo's service, or you can use Chingo's service (Chingo apparently stands for Chat Lingo)...

Now that's funky stuff. :D Give it a go, I'd love to hear any and all of the weird and wonderful messages I'm sure I'll get as a result of this ;)

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Tuesday, August 1
San Francisco and London taxi fares: A Comparison

Ever wonder if you're actually paying too much for a taxi? Well, some guy did a rather interesting survey comparing SF and London taxi prices, and it turns out (as usual) we pay too much here in the UK.

Surprise surprise. Take a look at the specifics (and the graphs, ooo) on the San Francisco and London taxi fares 2003 page.

I love the interwebs for random things like this.

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