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Saturday, September 23
Ah, I love being a geek....

The invoice speaks for itself.

123 Invoice number: 123-xxxxxxxxx
Payment reference number: xxxxxxx
Tax Point Date: 2006-09-23

Invoice to:
FAO: Christopher Woods


Please note that this invoice has been paid by credit/debit card.
Please do not post a cheque.
Description Cost/Year Qty/Years Net
christopher.woods.name : Domain Registration 8.99 2 17.98
christopherwoods.co.uk : Domain Registration 2.59 2 5.18
Net Total 23.16
VAT Total 4.05
Total 27.21

More lovely domains to add to my burgeoning collection! :D I was thinking of registering christopherwoods.eu too and joining the .eu landrush, but to be quite honest £15 a year (!) really put me off.

I was THIS CLOSE > < to buying it though!

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Thursday, September 21
Burgers and cupcakes and phones, oh my

So, I got a new phone today - the T-Mobile Vario 2 (aka the HTC Hermes/TyTn, the XDA Trion, or the Orange SPV M3100 amongst other monikers). Unboxing pics coming soon! :D

Why did I switch away from O2 (with whom I got my first HTC device, the HTC Alpine)? Well, that's a REALLY long story, and one which will make you wince at least once, and I'll be telling that to the world in the near future on this blog.

And now, the news.

So, as I note the discovery of New York's very own Burgers & Cupcakes restaurant (if you ever say to me you don't want to go eat there, you're officially WEIRD!), I also note that both Zimbabwean businesses and individuals alike are suffering the misfortune of not being able to access the Internet, let alone peruse the Burgers and Cupcakes web site (or check out the menu!) because the Zimbabwean government hasn't paid the ($700,000!) fee for outstanding bandwidth bills.


I read something quite sad today, that the US Government is seeking to deport an 84-year-old woman who once played an (exceedingly) minor part in the Nazi atrocities. She was hired as a guard for one of the concentration camps, and as she put it, 'only because it paid better than the local factory where she worked beforehand.'

The fact she married a German Jew, has a prepaid tombstone with the Star of David on it and has made numerous donations to Jewish charities throughout the years doesn't count - 'anyone who participated in Nazi atrocities must be tried in immigration court and expelled.'

Read the original article on the San Josť Mercury News web site... Should she really be deported? Hardly. Yet another classic example of far-overreaching political correctness gone mad.

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Sunday, September 17
World War 2 in colour footage, and more video oddities

The site WW2InColor.com has some fascinating collections of rare colour archive images - and an archive of video clips and short films, too! - I was reading up on the history of kamikaze pilots on Wikipedia, and found the site at the bottom of the article. Go take a look at the WW2InColor videos. I've watched a few, and they prove to make absolutely fascinating viewing.

In other news, other curious things I've come across today - the car which parks itself (WMV format), and whilst the car in the video is a BMW, I've also heard that Toyota has made a newer successor to the Prius which also features this technology. Can't wait to try it out!

On a roll today, I found two more quality clips - the 'Recession' sketch from The Chapelle Show, and a video of Ron Burgundy (yes, of Anchorman fame) auditioning for ESPN back in the 70s... Miss at your peril, for I laughed. :D

Righto, off to procrastinate some more. Buhbye :)

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Sunday, September 10

How come w.bloggar v4 isn't working properly with Blogger?

< edit > Ok, so never mind, it does seem to be posting correctly (I had a doctype declaration error earlier when I attempted to post my big blog entry from earlier today, but it did this smaller post fine first time... Must do some bugchecking.

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Le Show must go on!

First, my inner nerd must point this out to the entire world - the Australian Panavision site has a video (both high and low quality Quicktime) which shows one of their High Definition, studio-quality Panavision Genesis professional video cameras being set up, right from taking the individual bits of kit out of their flight cases to the finished product. The footage is quickly intercut, there's no speaking or music, just pure sound effects of someone assembling the kit (and there's plenty of lovely closeups to focus on the detail). A part of me finds watching it quite a seedy thing to be doing - there's something slightly dirty about the whole affair, but it's such a cool camera (and such a cool video) I watched it at least ten times in a row when I first downloaded it.

Why am I harping on about the Genesis? It really is an absolutely amazing camera, shooting in true HD (TRUE, uncompressed 4:4:4 RGB 1080p, from 1fps to 60fps) and, most importantly, a Super 35mm sized recording area - so you can use standard Panavision lenses with it! (All previous HD cameras required different lenses, and many cinematographers and directors say that they had to adjust their way of working to accommodate for this, or tell stories of troubles they had) - this is why George Lucas switched from a previous model of Panavision HD camera to Sony cameras, and that's why Panavision went and finally created this camera for the industry.

Movies filmed with the Genesis include the recent Superman Returns, and the Black Eyed Peas have been recorded in concert with a multi-Genesis setup... The thing is astounding. Go check out the video: Setting Up The Genesis.

Ok, so now my inner nerd is dormant once more, I can continue... Amongst the few things I've been up to in the past few days, I've been:

  1. Looking for a new mobile phone to try and get when my current contract runs out

  2. Been generally schmoodling around the Interwebs.

So, having picked upon the HTC TyTn (otherwise known as the Orange SPV M3100, under their own branding conventions), I'm now going to have to pester O2 to give me a half decent phone so I can go sell that on eBay and THEN buy an unlocked M3100 from eBay, as O2 - the introducers of the XDA (and SPV / MPV, if you go become a customer on other networks) are now scaling back their XDA presence in the UK, citing not enough consumer demand. O2 Germany however has already had loads (and I mean LOADS) of XDAs rolled out to the market for a long while now, which annoys me greatly.


Some good sites I've found recently (or ones that simply amuse me): a chap called Christopher Wood (no, not me, which is why I find it funny most likely) was interviewed on mi6.co.uk the other week, and as it turns out he wrote the screenplays for two Bond films (The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker) - and wrote a book about his experiences. What's even funnier is that earlier, before his Bond work, he was the author of Confessions of a Window Cleaner (if you don't know what that is, well... It's absolutely hilarious, go Google for it).

I also finally decided to check out Harry Shearer's web site, the guy who played Derek Smalls in This Is Spinal Tap (YES, HIM!) and now, not content with voicing about 80 kazillion (well, 22) characters on The Simpsons, also does a weekly radio show named, most enticingly, Le Show - anybody who appreciates a sharp wit and quality comedy should definitely sign up to receive updates when his latest show is made available (for free!) on the web. He broadcasts from LA on KCRW, and his show also airs across a fair amount of radio stations across the USA - unfortunately, I can't pick any of those up (only a few thousand miles too far to the right), but I can still listen online. I was spurred on to check his site out after listening to him on a BBC Radio 4 show called Miles Apart, and he dropped his site into the conversation. Well worth a visit if you like your comedy sharp, topical and hugely entertaining.

Off to eat some food now, more coming soon.

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Saturday, September 9
To quote Wayne,

It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

Sorry about the lack of updates, I'm currently somewhat busy (busier than I thought I'd be!) sorting out moving my stuff back up to Birmingham, dealing with my car insurance company (a woman drove into my car and wrote it off, more on that - with pics - in the near future), sorting out my tax for the work I've been doing over the summer and trying to claim back the tax I was wrongly taxed back from when I was working over last Christmas... Way more things than I thought I'd be sorting out right now.

Also, somewhat cruelly I think, as the 200th episode of Stargate SG-1 aired in America, Sci Fi announced that after the current run of episodes has finished, they won't be renewing for another series. Ok, so it's done ten series, but the focal show of franchise is far from done! So, help save Stargate SG-1.

Steve IrwinThe web (and particularly the blogosphere) noted the passing of Steve Irwin, croc hunter extraordinaire... I also read that his wishes were that were he ever to become troubled and/or in a situation where his life was at risk, and he was being filmed at the time, he stated that he wanted the camera crew to keep on filming. As he was filming some footage for a nature show his daughter was presenting at the time when he was killed by the stingray barb, I believe that it was all caught on camera - so expect the somewhat morbid 'Discovery Animal Planet Special: Death Of The Crocodile' episode within the next year. My sister told me that after he died, Discovery basically cleared their schedules on Animal Planet and just showed old Croc Hunter episodes all day, which is kinda nice (and a shame I missed them).

I was also told today that one of my fellow students from sixth form, Nicole, died yesterday. She'd suffered from cancer in the past, had had loads of chemo, but had recovered to the point where she'd completed her A Levels... Although I didn't speak to her much, it's always sad to hear that someone your age has died. This is the second time in as many schools where someone from my year has died suddenly (a girl called Grace Sadler died back in November 2001, and my home page was black for a very long time afterwards), and now another person my age is dead... Way to put a downer on what should have been a good day (it was payday, rewarded for another month of 6am starts) - makes you feel like it's not really worth it when things like this happen.

More updates coming soon, I just don't feel in the mood to write more at length right now. Happy webbing...

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Sunday, September 3
How very Web 2.0... GPS receiver & camera = autogeotags

This is pretty cool, but my dSLR is heavy enough as it is without a GPS receiver on top though. Check this out though if you're geekily-inclined:
Google Maps Mania: Build your own Google Photo Map with a GPS-equipped camera!

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