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Friday, October 13
Christopher Woods, Aged 21 Years

(Think 'Matured 21 Years', like whiskey)

21 today!

So here we are then: I'm 21 today. Friday the 13th of October. I don't mind the Friday the 13th thing, I've had quite a few birthdays on Friday the 13ths to tell the truth and they've been the more enjoyable ones, so that's fine.

Man, how weird does this feel. Maybe I've found the most efficient way of measuring one's level of geek: I've gotten about fourteen automatic emails from forums I'm a member of wishing me happy birthday. You can see the screengrab above; I've received even more since then (from servers based in the UK as opposed to the ones above running on different timezones).

It feels odd somehow; when I was a kid I didn't even think about reaching this age, but somehow I feel no different yet very different - it's quite unsettling. I probably felt the most different when I turned 18: suddenly just about nothing was illegal any more (drinking, going into clubs, whatever) - although amusingly when I was 18, I bought a lottery ticket in my village shop and I got IDed. That was pretty funny. I was never IDed until after I turned 18 (!) which really took the piss. However, going from 18 to 19... to 20.. And now to 21, I don't feel any different (except I can now buy alcohol legally in the US too, but can I afford to go there? Can I hell).

Man, I feel old. :( Old and decrepit. Old and decrepit and a bit overweight. Birthday blues, yeah baby. Might feel a bit better tomorrow, I got me a ticket to see Space Station 3D in the building where my Uni is in Brum (yeah, we have an Imax in the same building! how cool is that), I missed it last year when it was showing then they took it off their schedules - which really annoyed me - so I'm glad to see it now as I've wanted to see it for such a long time. On my birthday too's pretty cool.

...And as Christopher rambles on about his life and nothing in particular, the world continues to turn. Check back soon for another exciting instalment of my life (the bearable highlights at least, anyway). Thanks for reading, and happy Friday the 13th.

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