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Thursday, March 29
Oooooooooo, the geek in me is lusting right now

I know it's not the same Commodore as was around in the 80s, but Commodore (in the sense of the trademark) were recently persuaded to return to the gaming market, selling <b>very</b> high-end-spec PCs under the Commie branding. I just had a look at their site again yesterday, and I'm still drooling a bit just thinking about the machines!

I REALLY, REALLY want one. Nrargh.

France tomorrow... Easter break! Woop. I think I might go uber-nerd and geotag my journey AS IT HAPPENS, provided I can find my car charger for my PDA (bluetooth + gps + software = about 2 hours' battery life, and I'll be in the car for over a day. Do you foresee a problem?)

Until next time...

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Tuesday, March 27
Only 24 hours old, and already Apple TV's been hacked to bits

I love the irony of it all - people are going hack-crazy at the moment. The Apple TV has just been released to the general public and already people have found ways of getting their XviD files playing on it - and now it's been pretty much blown right open. You can remote desktop to it, install VLC, install your own codecs, basically use it like a regular Mac... There's whole web sites devoted to this, and much more coverage besides on Engadget (1, 2) et al. If I had more money, I might even consider getting one!

And I hate Apple stuff! I love hacking stuff up though and making it do what it's never designed to, that's the fun of technology :D One look at what my smartphone has installed on it will make you realise that.

The Xbox 360's being hacked to bits, someone appears to have gotten Linux to run on it thanks to an unchecked shader brush in the King Kong game, it's all way above my head (you have to have some SERIOUS coding skills to even begin to consider vectors of attack for hacking a closed system like the 360) but I totally applaud their efforts.

I really want a 360 too... Best to wait until their Elite system comes out, oh man that looks like a tasty bit of kit.

Just had to share those nerdy thoughts with you... :D

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