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Sunday, February 24
Saving the world by doing nothing?

There's few people who can attest to doing nothing to save everything, but Stanislav Petrov did just that - and kept schtum about it for decades.

What am I on about? Give this a read, and then thank your lucky stars that there are still some sane people in this world, keeping their heads (when all around them are losing theirs)...

Hope you're having a peaceful day, see you soon.

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Friday, February 22
My favourite links this week (22/02/2008)

My links for the week:

flac-113 "...was written to allow users to convert their FLAC archive
from previous versions of FLAC to the latest version. The script was
written when 1.1.3 was released, thus the name, but can be used for any
version of FLAC."

Full instructions and links to download (with other utilities) too - start your surfing from http://www.synthetic-soul.co.uk/files/flac-113.txt.

They're, their, there! Get it right!

Been looking for a clear explanation of the various types of RAID array? The AC&NC 'RAID.edu' pages should help demystify the whole RAID process - it even has moving pictures (oooo).

File2HD can rip files from sites, including in-page players that don't always let you download the tracks (including MySpace). Enjoy it while it lasts.

If you like martial arts, then you might want to seek out the Chinese made-for-TV miniseries called 'State of Divinity'. The first episode's available on Joox.

Recommended LAME encoder settings, anybody? Always handy to have around.

Have a good weekend :)

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Wednesday, February 6

Lekker lekker lekker, lekker lekker lekker lekker lekker... So goes a Noisia breaks tune from a little while ago.

I'd been wondering what lekker means for ages, because I was sure it wasn't a Dutch word... Turns out it might be a South African word (it'd make sense anyway):

lekker (lekk-irr with a rolling r) - Nice, good, great, cool or tasty.
Definition from SouthAfrica.info

That is all. :)

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Sunday, February 3
Woo - Roni Size is re-editing New Forms!

Sometimes I'm a little sceptical of artists when they "re-edit" a classic album and rerelease it, but I have faith in the Size. He doesn't mess with a classic formula, especially one which is good enough to win a Mercury Music Prize (before it became shit).

I got this email from the V Cycle shop the other day. D&B fans rejoice!

Roni Size/Reprazentís New Forms was a benchmark for not just the drum 'ní bass genre that it leapt from, but for all types of electronic music.

Released a decade ago in 1997, the albumís title was apt with a sound that surpassed any previous drum 'ní bass efforts and brought the genre to a whole new audience. After catapulting its creators to musicís top table, the crowning achievement was winning the Mercury Prize in the same year, beating the likes of Radiohead, Primal Scream and two of Sizeís dance music peers, Chemical Brothers and Prodigy.

To mark this anniversary, Roni Size has returned to re-edit New Forms.
"The first generation of heads who were there with the rise of Reprazent & Roni Size will be able to reminisce over the last decade with the classics Brown Paper Bag, Share The Fall & Heroes. The generation of those who missed it will be able to appreciate the album with the new coat of armour I have added to the original tracks. I think fans of the original album always appreciated what we did with the technology of the day. This latest version shows what is possible now."

Three brand new tracks will also be included, including the single Donít Hold Back, which manages to not only sound like a perfect bedfellow for the original thirteen tracks on New Forms but is also thoroughly contemporary. Not surprising perhaps, considering the timeless quality that Roni Size/Reprazent captured through the likes of Heroes, Share The Fall and the top 20 single Brown Paper Bag. New single, Donít Hold Back will be released on March 17th, two weeks before the reissue of New Forms.

Also in February, Roni Size/Reprazent will be touring the UK with support from Inner City Dwellers:

Feb 7th Manchester Club Academy
Feb 9th Birmingham Que
Feb 13th Nottingham Rescue Rooms
Feb 14th Leeds Stylus
Feb 15th Sheffield Plug
Feb 16th Liverpool Barfly
Feb 18th Brighton Digital
Feb 19th London Scala
Feb 20th Bristol Thekla

Keep your eyes peeled for this one... The original album's a must-own, and this re-edit should be a big release for 2008. Excellent.

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