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Thursday, March 19
Stuff I've Found: w/c 16th of March, 2008

Every so often I just go exploring across the Web. One link leads to another, and after a while you find yourself truly ensconsed in a marvellously diverse selection of web pages.

I hate closing browser tabs too, so sometimes I have these pages open for weeks, months at a time (or saved across sessions!) I thought I'd start jotting some of them down on my blog for others to peruse and enjoy, so here goes.


Wondered what all the police call-sign codes mean? Disabled-World.com has the lowdown, along with some other info about PB scanners and links to similar sites.

Nick Crowe put together a rolling radio station called Police Radio a while ago, and you can listen to the shows on his web site.

Irational.org has a really cool mashup - the guy has an FM receiver hooked up to an Icecast server in his house in London, and from the web site you can control which web site it's tuned to... If you like roaming the FM bands to see what's being broadcast, you might enjoy this.

Dandelion Radio is an internet radio station "inspired by John Peel", and it fairly lives up to that reputation. There's an incredibly diverse roster of DJs and music styles on the station - if you enjoyed John Peel's show, you'll love just tuning in over the web and listening for hours on end.

Yes, there are such things as Magic Buttons. Read this story from the legendary Jargon File and marvel and geek humour.

Bitty Browser is a quite useful mini-browser - I can think of several useful applications for it, from testing content rendering on small screens to embedding a browser within another web page. What can you come up with?

For web designers, making pages degrade gracefully for being printed is of paramount importance - and with some intelligent CSS design, it can be remarkably painless to do. Envisionic and ALA(A List Apart) have the skinny on this.

Finally for now, Font Frenzy is a free application which indexes your installed fonts - insanely useful for designers picking out typefaces, and also has some useful features for paring down your font installations to speed up Windows boot times.

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Sunday, March 1
Happy to accept all comments except less-than-adoring ones?

Interesting... I just commented on an article off the BBC's sprawling U2 microsite, and although "all comments are reactively moderated" it seems that they're all being PRE-moderated too. Nice.

My comments were in response to the U2 rooftop gig; here's what I wrote:

So, er, does this mean that the Beeb is going to start doing more rooftop gigs to help promote new artists? What would be far better are some rooftop gigs for (truly) upcoming, quality artists who could do with some good free publicity far more than U2 does - I'm sure sales figures for their latest album would be just fine even if they didn't have a licence payer funded gig to help. ;)

Just seems a little hypocritical of the Beeb flying their "In New Music We Trust" flag, then little more than a year later giving a free gig in a coveted setting to a band that's been around for twenty years... Or is this just the start of a whole series of rooftop gigs? That would be genuinely exciting to see.

I'll be interested to see if the comment makes it to the page! I'm all for the BBC doing what it sees fit in the name of the public interest, and I largely support the BBC (particularly in their online and R&D sections of the organisation) but sometimes things smack a little too much of croneyism or rampant, thinly-veiled publicity to not say anything at all which is even slightly to the contrary of 'the public opinion' (and, as usual, the U2 fans will be shouting louder than everybody else about this rooftop gig).

As I mentioned in my original comment, what about some gigs for artists who may need the publicity a little more? For every U2 there's tens and hundreds of artists who are just as good if not better who could do with that leg-up far more. Come on Beeb, show us that you really trust In New Music.

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