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Sunday, March 1
Happy to accept all comments except less-than-adoring ones?

Interesting... I just commented on an article off the BBC's sprawling U2 microsite, and although "all comments are reactively moderated" it seems that they're all being PRE-moderated too. Nice.

My comments were in response to the U2 rooftop gig; here's what I wrote:

So, er, does this mean that the Beeb is going to start doing more rooftop gigs to help promote new artists? What would be far better are some rooftop gigs for (truly) upcoming, quality artists who could do with some good free publicity far more than U2 does - I'm sure sales figures for their latest album would be just fine even if they didn't have a licence payer funded gig to help. ;)

Just seems a little hypocritical of the Beeb flying their "In New Music We Trust" flag, then little more than a year later giving a free gig in a coveted setting to a band that's been around for twenty years... Or is this just the start of a whole series of rooftop gigs? That would be genuinely exciting to see.

I'll be interested to see if the comment makes it to the page! I'm all for the BBC doing what it sees fit in the name of the public interest, and I largely support the BBC (particularly in their online and R&D sections of the organisation) but sometimes things smack a little too much of croneyism or rampant, thinly-veiled publicity to not say anything at all which is even slightly to the contrary of 'the public opinion' (and, as usual, the U2 fans will be shouting louder than everybody else about this rooftop gig).

As I mentioned in my original comment, what about some gigs for artists who may need the publicity a little more? For every U2 there's tens and hundreds of artists who are just as good if not better who could do with that leg-up far more. Come on Beeb, show us that you really trust In New Music.

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Thursday, March 20
F1 comes home to the BBC!


The BBC has secured the television rights to show Formula One in the UK from the 2009 season.

The five-year deal for an undisclosed fee marks F1's return to BBC screens 12 years after it switched to ITV. The contract covers all platforms and will see F1 broadcast on the BBC Sport website, as well as on TV and radio.

F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone said he was "delighted", adding: "The BBC has some innovative ideas to consolidate and expand our UK fan base."

How good a bit of news is this! I've loathed ITV's coverage ever since they won the rights from the BBC in the 1990s - there was nothing like sitting down and watching an entire race, without adverts, and with quality presenters. Unfortunately Murray Walker has retired (maybe he'll stage a return to broadcasting?) but there's still a raft of quality presenters to back up the coverage.

This also means it'll (likely) get an HD simulcast for the countries filming in HD as well! (America, UK, Germany, some other EU countries and quite possibly some of the Asian countries).

The total lack of adverts is more than adequate enough to satisfy me though. Oh yes, I'm so happy! This has made my week, if not my month. I really do love the BBC right now, this makes my license fee so much more worth paying. (I already pay it anyway because I think it's stonkingly good value for money, but this will secure my payment for at least the next five years!)

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Wednesday, March 5
I was on BBC TV! And for a good reason, too...

Crossposted from my Uniblog.

Preface: a while back, I wrote a case study about damage to my own hearing after prolonged exposure to loud noise over a period of years (musician, drummer, listen to loud music etc... I'm sure you're the same or similar, or you know someone like me).

Anyway, on Monday, I was contacted by someone from the RNID, who said they were launching a new campaign called "Practice Safe Decks" (groan) to raise awareness of hearing protection - and would I like to take part in a BBC Breakfast article to be featured on Wednesday morning? So, although I consider myself to have a great face for radio, of course I said 'definitely!' (Wouldn't you?) I also drafted in my coursemate Ciarán Jordan (it made for better TV, and he was interviewed too. Brucey Bonus.)

...And here I am, on BBC News!

Click here to read the rest...

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