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Friday, August 17
AllOfMP3 decreed legal, music community agrees, RIAA stomps feet

As decreed by a Russian judge, who recently acquited the owners of AOMP3 on all charges.

It's not AOMP3's fault if the music industry refuses to accept royalty payments from ROMS, even if they're not as big as they'd like! It was the other main bodies in the music industry who pushed for this court case, and to have AOMP3 shut down, in the first place, and now look where that's got them (not far). When will the international music industry realise that different countries have different rules and, generally, what their own courts say goes within their own borders? Ho hum.

I personally think the AOMP3 method of flat-fee pricing per megabyte, as opposed to the per-song price which could fluctuate depending on what the song is, is far more reasonable for the consumer. Their sheer flexibility, giving ME the choice of formats and letting me decide exactly how much I wanted to spend per track depending on what quality I wanted... That's far better. That's why I downloaded from AOMP3 and never once downloaded a track, DRMed or unDRMed, from any other online store.

I'll never download a DRM track if I have to pay for it (and even then, I'll do my utmost to strip the DRM off, and I've not failed at that yet either). It's MY music, I'll do what I like with it. When will the industry just stand back from all their mad gesticulation over IP rights and what the end consumer is allowed to do with their product, and finally get that this is probably one of the only feasible ways forward for online content distribution?

More: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/6948345.stm

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