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Wednesday, August 1
Pinging Ozzie [] with 32 bytes of petfood:

Reply from Destination cat unreachable.

22/02/2004 - 01/08/2007

Our neighbour rang my doorbell early this morning, and presented me with a sad delivery: our cat, who he'd seen lying by the side of the road just after he'd set off to go to work. Oz had been out and about (as he always does/did, being a little bit wild and loving to hunt) and had been hit by a car about 300 yards away from our house, most likely just as I was heading off to bed at about 5am. I didn't hear anything like a car's brakes screeching or the sound of a cat in pain, so it must have been swift and sudden - as the vet corroborated with her analysis: some damage to his claws paired with a blunt-force trauma to his abdomen, both indicative of a high-speed impact with a vehicle. Aside from those injuries, which really weren't noticeable at all, although rigor mortis had set in, he looked just like he was sleeping, and I gave him a little stroke before I handed him over.

The saddest thing is he'd just begun to calm down and really get in sync with us (he was always a bit of a mad cat, we rehomed him from a rescue centre and we think his previous owners had maltreated him, but always gave him plenty of love and attention) - he sometimes behaved like he had ADD, but he was a lovable little thing and had a right personality to him. He was only born in 2004, so he didn't have the longest life - but it was longer than some cats get, and I'm glad we gave him all the chances we possibly could.

Frustratingly, the parents are in America this week and my sister is in New Zealand with her Explorers group, so none of them got to say goodbye before I handed him over at the vet's (where he's currently in cold storage waiting for my parents to come back so they can decide whether to bury him or cremate him). I've not told my sister yet, he was really 'her cat', he was the first person he sat with when he came home and she had him on her lap in the car on the way home from the rescue centre, he would squirm like anything after a while if other people picked him up but he was always submissive to her. It would really ruin her holiday if I told her now, so both my parents and I agreed to stay schtum until she gets back.

Mum says we should get a kitten next, that'll be nice.

I've never written an obituary for a cat before, there's a first for everything I guess. Now I'm on my own through the summer holidays :(

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