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Sunday, September 30
Having problems with your Windows shares? This might help

This might be the magic command which fixes them...

I've been having a problem with getting a laptop running XP Pro to see (and be granted read/write access to) shares on a Windows Server 2003 box. In a nutshell, I'd fire up a share via Run (
) and it might once ask me for a username and password, which I'd type in, and then I'd be granted access, but after that I'd just be kicked back to the logon dialog again. The WS2003 machine was showing ANONYMOUS LOGON attempts - apparently null sessions that Windows uses to authenticate the user - which were succeeding, but the username I was supplying wasn't being authenticated for some reason. This laptop is the only device I've used or set up which has had this problem, and it's been driving me nuts.

I hate Windows filesharing almost as much as I hate using Macs. ;)

Anyway, I eventually gave up trying to fix it on my own, and decided to give Google a shake and see if any answers fell out of its pockets. Lo and behold, similar problems were being discussed on places like Experts Exchange, and I clicked through to one of them. ("Error: \\pc name is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this network resource...Access is denied." When trying to access a share.")

Some way down the page, a guy called dvt_localboy wrote,

What is happening there is that your XP Home machine is trying to connect to the XP Pro machine with 2 different sets of credentials. I suspect that you've enabled the quick logon option, which caches network drive info aswell.

Try net use * /d to disconnect all network connections on the XP Home machine, even connecting via IPC$ uses a specific set of credentials, which could conflict with any other type of connection that you may be trying to connect with later.

Filled with anticipation, I fired up a DOS box on the laptop (using VNC, that was the most annoying thing - I could VNC to the laptop fine! haha) and typed in
net use * /d
. I then immediately fired up a share, this time the hidden root share
, typed in a username and password which had admin rights on the server.... And bingo! It worked!

So, if you're having odd, unpredictable bouts of inaccessible network shares, that command might just do the trick. I'll stick it in my brain for next time, that's for certain.

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Wednesday, September 19
My Blogger account is learning German

It's not doing very well though... My post confirmation screen's been displaying its links in German for the past few days, though the rest of the interface is in English.

I've not changed anything, so what's going on here? Haha.

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Friday, May 25
Why Odeo will never reach critical mass

As I've podcasted about, this is why one of my most-liked audioblogging web sites, Odeo, will never reach 'critical mass' - its UI design is broken.

I detailed what's wrong with it in a recent podcast (deliberately using Odeo), and you can listen to it here:

powered by ODEO

If you find it as annoying as I do, please let the Odeo developers know! Their feedback form is on their site.

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